Unlike traditional Michigan internet marketing companies, we measure our success by the customers we bring you. Measurable results come from a team that understands your business and your clients psychological triggers. We create customer journeys and focus on content that Google will actually rank. If you want to grow your business start with our free audit below.


What Makes Cyan Wave
Better At Internet Marketing?

If you’re seeing this page it’s likely you searched the term “internet marketing Michigan”. Thanks for finding us, we’re super happy you did. At Cyan Wave we practice what we preach. We are literally obsessed with the latest SEO tips and tricks and we do our best to keep our clients informed as well. Whenever potential customers are in need of something, the first tool they utilize is Google. Your business should be at the top of their mind and on the first page of any search result. Every business owner should view their websites digital presence as an asset, because if it’s properly developed you’ll have a completely free powerhouse that is generating your business new leads and customers while you sleep. 

When you work with Cyan Wave Marketing we make sure to put your business in front of the right audience at the right time. Every person goes through what we call the “buyers cycle” and providing your customers with the right content at the right time is how you win the marketing game. If you are sick of playing cat and mouse and want the proper exposure your business needs, work with some Cyan Wave nerds – you will be glad you did!

Your Business

Marketing Road Map

Attract clients.

You cant get clients if they don’t know your home local business exists; that’s why getting leads is the number one factor when building your company. Being everywhere you can possibly afford to be and positioning yourself as the authority in your market should be your goal. Get on a call today with the #1 Michigan SEO company

Convert prospects.

Converting those leads and filling your funnel so you can market to them is where we set the bar. Having a high converting website and dedicated landing page will help you get those clients who are looking for you. Then, fill your funnel with these prospects all different points of the buyers cycle.the buyers cycle.

Nurture your leads.

Now that you have attracted the leads and converted them into your funnel, its time to nurture. People come into your funnel during all different times of the buying cycle and now you want to stay in front of them and build your authority through marketing automation and re-marketing so you are at the front-line when they are ready to pay for your local services. Let the #1 Michigan SEO company help today.

Grow your business.

This is where you brand has done its job, your home remodeling services are firing on all cylinders and your fine tuning your processes, you can close leads and your marketing is keeping those leads flowing in.

We work with ONE CLIENT in any particular area. As the #1 Michigan SEO Digital Agency we don’t want to compete with ourselves. We deliver results for our clients. In order to ensure we don’t conflict with our arrangments we limit our work to one client. If you are serious about growing your business reach our to us today. Strategy sessions are on a first come basis.

Ride the wave with us.

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