We implement a system for you to attract google reviews in rapid succession and weed out bad reviews before they go online.

Google reviews make or break your business.


We have a proprietary software that allows you to grow your online reviews not only across google but all major review sites in rapid succession. Online reviews and search-engine visibility go hand-in-hand. This is because if your website is listed as a highly rated business, google rewards your for being trustworthy and credible. They want to put you at the top of their search engine. This is why we give you access to our software that allows you to get these reviews easy and address any negative reviews without having them posted for the public eye.

  • You download our software.
  • Type in your business information. 
  • Your client information goes into the software.
  • They get a text message or email asking to review the service.
  • If it’s 4 stars or above the review gets posted to all major review sites.
  • If it’s below 4 stars the review goes to your email address so you can reply and address any issues your client is facing.


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